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Chances are, if you love cigars, you love Montecristo. And what's not to love? Spot-on construction, expert blending, and a long reputation as the best cigars on the market make it easy to fall head-over-heels with this great Dominican brand. The Montecristro Lover's Assortment contains five of their best blends, for a terrific sampler. Grab a Montecristo Lover's Assortment today, and fall in love with Montecristo all over again. 

The Montecristo Lover's Assortment contains:

1 - Montecristo Double Corona (6.2"x 50)

1 - Monte by Monte Toro (6"x 52)

1 - Montecristo Platinum Toro (6"x 50)

1 - Montecristo White Label Toro (6"x 54)

1 - Montecristo Classic Toro (6"x 52)

Montecristo Sample 5 pack toro

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