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All the decor in this authentic Barbershop is from an original barbershop in history. Realize when you come into this barbershop you

are among the oldest items of history in my trade.


The history of the Koken Presidential  Congressional  barber chair with the wooden  round leather seat  and the round back is one  of the rarest  Barber chairs still in operation. It is from 1890 from the Crystal Barber shop in Washington state. I am the third owner of this masterpiece. It is truly a wonderful experience to have this relic in my shop and to have patrons seated in it for their hair cuts. It was also one of the first hydraulic  chairs in operation. It is now 130 years old.


The burgundy Presidential Barber chair  is porcelain  and was the biggest  Barber chair ever made weighing in at 300 lbs, it is from the 1930's. The history of this  beautiful chair  is from the first Waldorf Astoria  in the big Apple (New York). It is a pleasure to give a gentleman a shave in this piece of art from the art decoy era. Lucky Luciano had a shave in this Barber chair as he lived in the  Astoria in the 30's also.

barberchair 1920.jpg
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